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Testimonials : Family Law Clients

"He is great"

C.G. - "I am a Mexican-American man who came to see Mr. Friedman in 2007 when I was served with a Restraining Order and papers for Divorce. I was kicked out of my house by my wife, who claimed that I was threatening her, and threatening to take my son from her, and return to Mexico. I didn't know what to do. Mr. Friedman spent over two hours talking with me, explaining all the ins and outs of restraining orders and what could and would happen, and within two weeks, we had filed a response to all the papers, and we went to court, and the restraining order was dismissed. I felt like Mr. Friedman explained everything to me completely, and I understood what was happening in my case all the way. He is great."


M.B. - "I was married for 22 years and had twins. I hired Mr. Friedman in 2001, and my divorce was very amicable and painless. Then, five years later, my ex-husband refused to pay any spousal or child support claiming he had no money. Mr. Friedman took his deposition and found money hidden. I got a settlement that was fair and more. Hooray."

"I paid none of her fees"

L.G. - "I was in a long time marriage. My ex-wife closed all of our accounts, rang up a bundle on credit cards, and took the kids to ____(another state)and filed for divorce, claiming that I was responsible for all of the bills, her attorney fees, and none of the money in the accounts that she closed. The litigation was long and ugly. I remain in awe of Elliott Friedman and his ability to cut through all crap, and get the information that was needed. My ex-wife had a shark for an attorney, and her bills were upwards of $100,000.00. Elliott did the same case, got a great result for me, and the cost was approximately one-third of what she paid her attorney. I send Elliott a card every Christmas, with my gratitude and thanks.(I paid none of her fees.)"

"Thank you"

R.A. - "I appreciate so much what you did for me, Elliott. My divorce hurt so much, and you made it feel a little bit better. Actually a lot better. Thank you. "